The majority of businesses have understood by now that having a good website design in place in essential to their business. Your website is a crucial component of your overall digital marketing strategy and failing to acknowledge its importance won’t be favorable to your business.

Below are listed the major reasons why your business needs a professional and appealing website.

1. Your business’ perception

Users judge your business based on the design of your website. Studies and evidence repeatedly underline the fact that users make a judgment about your business based on the visual design of your website. Studies show that 75 percent of users doubt your business’ credibility when there is a badly designed website in place. It doesn’t take long, but just 50 milliseconds to form an impression of your website.

2. Navigation

Website Development Company in India opine that design is much more than just visual appeal because it also serves the purpose of navigating users. Professional designers consider and implement the psychology behind the design while creating a website. Hick’s law suggests that you must keep the choices as simple as you can do to help users decide where to go. Referring to Hick’s law comes in handy while working on the design and navigational structure of your website. The rule recommends limiting the number of options to 7 or less unless you want to leave your users flummoxed.

3. Clickable elements and conversion

What’s a good design? As stated earlier in the post, it is a blend of various elements helping your website to achieve its goal. Good design not only grabs the attention of your users but also helps them navigate to and identify clickable elements. Web design and development companies in India say that you must optimize the visual design of your website to encourage your customers to take action and make purchases. Drawing users’ attention using white or negative space is one of the effective ways to do it.

A good website design enhances credibility, brand value, and conversion rates. When you hire the right website design company in India, you can get a professionally designed website at affordable costs.

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