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Why Taboola Advertising for Your Business?

Taboola is a way to get more traffic and engagement for your website or articles. It provides a platform for you to create campaigns that you can then implement on your website to increase conversion rates from visitors into customers.

TargetBoost renders a seamless experience to its clients in Native advertisement by driving awareness about the brand, increasing customer base by sharing the content among targeted audience.

Simply, Taboola recommends content similar to the article or website a person is already viewing, so it works well with any type of marketing campaign you may have going on around your brand.

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Taboola is a convenient way to connect you with thousands of premium publisher sites around the globe. These publishers have readers and engaged audiences across every industry and every country you could think of.

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Taboola’s recommendations are relevant, and native ads fit seamlessly into the website they’re on, so visitors won’t be annoyed or distracted by them.

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Its technology is used by hundreds of thousands of publishers to help them engage their audiences and generate revenue from their content. 

Native Experience

With a suite of native advertising formats, Taboola provides brands with high-impact opportunities to reach consumers through relevant editorial content on premium publisher sites.

Remarketing Ads

Taboola recommends content that is similar to the article or website a person is already viewing, so it’s a natural extension of their browsing session.

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Taboola & Yahoo Native Ads Integration

The Latest news are the integration between Taboola and Yahoo Native, delivering you a best-in-class advertising experience. Now, advertisers have access to Yahoo’s high-quality ad supply in Taboola Ads, Taboola’s industry leading, AI-powered advertising platform.

Answers to Your "?"s

Taboola serves over 450 billion recommendations of content, products, and services to over one billion unique online users every month powered by an advanced predictive engine that analyzes hundreds of real-time signals (including geography, context, device, social media trends, and more), in order to create a match between the content and the audience most likely to engage with it.

Taboola is the world’s largest content discovery platform, serving over 450 billion recommendations to over 1.4 billion unique visitors every month. Taboola's personalised recommendations appear on many of the world’s most trusted and popular sites, including MSN, NBC News, Daily Mail, The Weather Channel, EuroSport, Yahoo! Japan, and more.

Taboola’s content recommendations should not impact or affect your SEO related-efforts. That is because first and foremost, Taboola’s content recommendations cannot be seen by search engines.


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