Your website hardly has 5 seconds to grab the attention of your visitors and if you want to keep the bounce rate under check and revenue generation constant, you need to keep certain pointers in mind while getting your website developed. According to a website designing company in India, these days you can get a website ready to go live within 5 minutes, but is it really worth it? There is a difference between a website and an optimized websites and hence you must keep the following points in mind while getting your business website design.

1. Have a customer journey map

Renowned website designing companies in India say that you must always have a customer journey map for smooth navigation and to help customers understand your services or products better. A cluttered website with plenty of distractions is sure to disappoint your visitors.

2. Work on the font styles, colors and iconography

Pay attention to the smallest of details while choosing font styles, colors and iconography. You must not include too many animations as it could get overwhelming and confusing enough for the visitors.

3. Show, don’t tell

Utilize visuals more than text to show rather than telling your visitors. This helps them understand your brand and its products or service better and quicker. This is one of the most effective techniques according to the best website designing companies in India.

4. Choose an appropriate color scheme

Choose a color scheme that perfectly meshes with your brand strategy. When you choose the right color scheme and use it in your logo as well as on the entire website apart from other places, you will see the amount of difference it makes for your branding objectives.

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