Is your website design future-ready?

If not, here is a compilation of web design trends for 2022.

Each year web design trends keep evolving and changing. Adapting this change to stay up to date is wise. As the year 2021 comes near to end, learning expected trends will help you give your website a fresh look for a new year!

Being the best web design company in India, we understand the know-how of the designing and development of web applications. Hence, we are able to derive this guide for you.

Without any further ado, let us begin:

1. Voice search

71% of users voice search instead of typing. This necessitates websites to facilitate voice search for users to access required information fast. Lately, we can see many websites incorporating voice search. This trend is likely to swell in 2022.

Voice search in eCommerce sites can be really helpful in delivering seamless experiences. Shoppers can voice search their products and find results instantaneously without having to go down the hierarchy of categories.

Along with the supportive design, voice search is an area of web development that requires the expert intervention of web developers along with web designers. People finding creative web development companies in India, TargetBoost is your right ally!

2. Micro Interactions & animations

You must have noticed hyperlinks changing color upon being clicked. Micro-interactions are pretty much similar just that these small actions are much more highlighted and made obvious to gain the viewer’s attention. Cursor changing image, prompting button calling user to perform an action, etc are various types of micro-interactions possible.

3. Colors triggers

Marketers have gone past the confusion between pastel, gradient, or bold color choices. An appropriate color palette was one of the major trends in 2021 but now brands are going by the purpose of the color.

Choice of color has a psychological factor attached to it. Colors trigger actions, emotions, and moods. What color you use should come with an understanding of your niche. Here, let us understand colors better:

YellowGains window shopper’s attention.
RedGives a sense of urgency, usually used during sales and discounts.
BlueInstills trust. Hence, used in the financial sector.
GreenNaturally easy color for eyes. Used in stores for rendering comfort. It also represents wealth.
OrangeCalls aggressiveness. Ideal for the call to action buttons.
PinkUsed mostly in feminine products as being more accustomed amongst females.
BlackRepresents power and sophistication. Often used by luxury brands.
GoldenRepresents wealth. Used in the finance sector.
PurpleGives a sense of calm. Used in mental health, spiritual, mid-aged women products, and so on.

4. 3D elements

Kudos to technological advancements, web pages can be made to stand out!

3D elements such as animation banners, rotating objects upon mouse hover or so add liveliness to a page. User’s get a sense of interacting with alive objects. It helps you create a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind, attain happy user experiences, retain visitors, and more.

5. Thumb friendly navigation

Most websites now realize the significance of mobile-friendly websites. However, it includes various parameters and a very notable one is thumb-friendly navigation.

If a user had to hold his or her phone in one hand to use your webpage freely with another hand then that’s an indication that your website is not enough mobile-friendly. There are certain areas that are hard to access on a mobile screen using your thumb. But given the make of the smartphone, the tendency is to use one or two thumbs to interact with the device.

A thumb-friendly design pertains to placing interactive elements in areas that can be easily accessed by people without having to stretch their thumbs. This will improve the mobile bounce rate of your site which in turn is appreciated by search engines like Google.Wrap up

All the above-mentioned points are just a few of many trends that 2022 may bring with it. We need to listen carefully to these trends because these are an outcome of user demands mitigating which can bring online success.

At TargetBoost, we are keen observers and adaptive society of designers and developers that thrive to create the most advanced, trendiest, creative, responsive, impressive, and lucrative websites for our clients. It is this zeal that has entitled us to be the best website designing company in India.

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